SASE Solutions.

Secure Access Service Edge – SASE. Not a product – a concept.

Combined connectivity and security, in a single cloud platform, where private connection and confidence in security are one and the same. Here’s how it works.


Top Benefits

Combined connectivity and security

Simplified Management

Different functions of network and security solutions combined in a unified cloud security platform delivered as a service.

Holistic security

Security features built into the underlying network infrastructure offer same level of protection to all edges, sites to mobile to cloud.

Cost reduction

A single cloud-native solution that eliminates not only infrastructure cost but reduces network complexity—abstracting away upgrades, patches, and network maintenance.

SASE takes security to the next generation

Browse the features of security the SASE way, and let our experts guide you at every milestone.

Threats stopped before they start

Security that starts at the DNS layer

With SASE, security starts early: at the DNS layer itself. That means it goes deeper than network policies, below security protocols. The network is the security. threats are stopped at the port, before they get near the application layer.

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Data checked and corralled

A safer web gateway

At the web layer, every packet is logged and looked at, denying suspicious addresses and closing the door to malware with proxies available in the cloud. IPSEC tunnels and PAC files provide protection against even the most sophisticated threats. Allowing authorized users, devices, applications, and data to interact without hassle.

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Protection where it’s needed

Your firewall in the cloud

Today’s user experience spans office, mobile, cloud – and the user shouldn’t have to know the difference. Expereo’s SASE solution raises a firewall in the cloud, blocking intruders at the IP layer while keeping a watchful eye on every port and protocol, including new ones as they’re created. Meaning forwarding traffic is as simple as adding an IPsec tunnel – policies and configs are applied automatically, to be customized in any way you want.

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Let CASB police apps and data

Cloud Access Security Broker

Nothing on your network escapes Expereo’s CASB. Every new app gets discovered, logged, and profiled for threats. Whether it’s fixed on someone’s device or floating in the cloud. Actual and potential risks are evaluated for action, letting you allow innovations that help people get their work done, while denying honest mistakes, bad actors, and genuine threats. Making the most of your cloud, and managing all that’s in it.

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Active thinking on bad actors

Interactive threat intelligence

You’re not alone with Expereo SASE. Intelligence is there to back up your decisions, with knowledge on suspicious domains, untrusted IPs, unworthy URLs, and a superset of phishing actors, botnet mischief, and virus types, ready to block or challenge without mercy. All tools instantly available and easily used. Enabling faster recognition, easier neutralization, and a safer environment for everybody in your organization.

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The Guide to a SASE future

Did you know that it was only in 2019 that Gartner coined the term as the first mature solutions became available in the market?



Expertise and experience, everywhere

When you’re thinking SASE, Expereo has human expertise ready and waiting . Starting with what matters most – your business goals – let us work out what success looks like, designing and implementing the ideal SASE solution in a way that segues smoothly with your current IT plans and doesn’t disrupt what’s going on in your organization today. And you can get started right now, with a no-obligation chat with Expereo professionals.


Managed Services for SASE

A managed network means a manageable business. Expereo’s Managed Network Services keeps its eyes and ears on  your network traffic from the cloud, 24/7/365. People, devices, applications, data. Every interaction, authentication, and transaction checked and okayed, bringing all the benefits of the most secure walled-garden network to your far-flung, world-spanning organization. Why not add the Expereo team to your team?


Providing confidence in your security