Global Internet.

Always connected. Everywhere.


Get the performance you need for every location in your network

Global Internet services are essential for enterprises to deliver network agility, SaaS applications, and Cloud connectivity. Modern businesses demand high-quality Internet connectivity to guarantee high-performance access to Cloud applications in every branch office.

We act as a Global ISP provider to design, source, implement and support broadband or DIA Internet anytime, anywhere.


The best solution for your needs

Broadband and Dedicated services

Broadband from 1MB to 1GB, and Dedicated from 1MB to 10GB

Cloud optimization

Optimized traffic to Cloud and SaaS applications

BYO connectivity

Managed services for your existing connectivity portfolio

Internet is now the cornerstone of the enterprise network

Why Expereo

Unmatched global reach and local expertise in all locations

Global Internet is a necessity for multinationals in logistics, electronics, gas, government, manufacturing, retail, and beyond. Expereo provides a unique Global Internet access service connecting more than 14,000 enterprise and government customer sites to the Cloud, with 24/7 global support.


Global coverage

Power your enterprise with connectivity in more than 190 countries, supported by 3,000 local suppliers around the world.

Multiple Internet options

Get broadband, DIA, 4G/5G, Microwave, Satellite, and multiple Internet access options, all available globally.

Standardized processes

Push updates to every branch of your business in a heartbeat, creating consistency from Expereo’s centralized platform.

Real-time visibility

Instantly view performance metrics such as latency, application usage, and packet loss in Expereo’s easy-to-access dashboard.

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Global Internet

How to avoid costly mistakes in sourcing & managing Internet services

A one size fits all approach doesn’t work when it comes to sourcing and managing internet services in an effective way.

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