Cloud Connect .

Direct Connectivity to Cloud.

With Cloud Connect, the benefits of the cloud are at your fingertips: access top SaaS providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud without connectivity issues getting in the way.


Top benefits

Direct Connectivity to Cloud

Cloud performance that feels on-premise

Our Layer 2 Cloud Connect ensures your data travels through the most direct route possible to your cloud provider.

Scalable bandwidth options

Purchase bandwidth size determined by your needs. Never pay for more than you need.

Enhanced internet supported

Enhanced Internet is easily enabled with Cloud Connect, ensuring your apps remain optimized.

The cloud at your fingertips


Cloud solution, on-premise performance

Cloud Connect delivers fast cloud access with the kind of reliability that you would normally associate with on-premise solutions. When customers shift their network to an internet-centric model, where data and applications are based within a cloud service provider’s network, they can experience poor performance – due to connectivity challenges, internet congestion, or poor underlay choice.

Expereo’s Cloud Connect establishes a Layer 2 from your sites to the cloud provider. It ensures your data goes through the most direct route possible to reach its destination, without going through multiple nodes – meaning you receive cloud performance that feels on-premise.


A size that suits you

With Cloud Connect, businesses are not forced into purchasing a minimum bandwidth size. Instead, we have multiple bandwidth options available, so organizations don’t pay over the odds for their direct cloud connection. Customers can purchase the bandwidth size determined by their needs, not by the minimum requirements stipulated by cloud providers.

We understand that each business site or branch might have different cloud connectivity needs. Cloud Connect allows you to right-size your cloud network. With easily scaled bandwidth, you only pay for the bandwidth you actually use. It’s simple and comes at a price that suits you.



Acceleration as standard

One of the other services we offer at Expereo, Enhanced Internet, can easily be enabled with Cloud Connect. Enhanced Internet selects the fastest path for your internet traffic in real-time, so your apps remain optimized, whether they are delivered by AWS, IBM Cloud, Oracle, SAP, or any other SaaS provider.

Both Cloud Connect and Enhanced Internet start from one of our Expereo hubs. If a business is already using Cloud Connect, they can enable Enhanced Internet easily because both solutions are administered from the same hub that their sites are directly connected to.

So why not leverage the Cloud Connect local loop between your site and the Expereo hub, activate Expereo Enhanced Internet, and boost your internet connectivity today?

Access top SaaS providers, without connectivity issues getting in the way?

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Expertise and experience, everywhere

When you’re thinking Direct Connect to the Cloud, Expereo has human expertise ready and waiting. Starting with what matters most – your business goals – let us work out what success looks like, designing and implementing the ideal solution in a way that segues smoothly with your current IT plans and doesn’t disrupt what’s going on in your organization today. And you can get started right now, with a no-obligation chat with Expereo professionals.


Managed Services for Cloud Connect

A managed network means a manageable business. Expereo’s Managed Network Services keeps its eyes and ears on  your network traffic from the cloud, 24/7/365. People, devices, applications, data. Every interaction, authentication, and transaction checked and okayed, bringing all the benefits of the most secure walled-garden network to your far-flung, world-spanning organization. Why not add the Expereo team to your team?

Direct Connectivity to Cloud?

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