SD-WAN Performance Optimization.

Deploying SD-WAN technology doesn’t guarantee good connectivity between your office branches. Enterprises migrate away from MPLS networks to save money, but if SD-WAN solutions still come with connectivity issues and performance drops, it might not be worthwhile.

That’s why you need Expereo’s SD-WAN Performance Optimization, so you can enjoy enhanced SD-WAN connectivity delivered by a strengthened network underlay.


Don’t put up with poor SD-WAN performance

Picking the right underlay

SD-WAN technology performance relies on how good your internet connectivity is. Picking the wrong one for any of your sites may result in poor internet peering and network congestion, resulting in unstable site-to-site connectivity.

No guarantees

SD-WAN technology allows you to replace MPLS with Fixed Internet for a lower price and higher bandwidth. However, Fixed Internet can’t guarantee against packet loss and latency.

Unpredictable performance

While SD-WAN provides multiple data points from your network, it requires trained IT staff to make sense of the information and take action. These represent additional costs for your organization to cover in order to maintain and manage SD-WAN technology.

Our solution

Enjoy enhanced SD-WAN connectivity

Expereo’s SD-WAN Performance Optimization is a combination of three different services: Expereo Fixed Internet, Expereo’s Enhanced Internet, and Expereo Managed Services. With Fixed Internet, we put more than 17 years of experience to use by providing our customers with the best network underlays for their internet peering, offering them true diversity at the best possible price. Our strong global network, including partnerships with thousands of local providers, means network optimization wherever you are, while our comprehensive data helps you pick the right internet connectivity service.

Through our automated BGP Network Optimization, Expereo’s Enhanced Internet helps boost your internet connection and, hence, your SD-WAN network. It increases application performance by lowering average latency and packet loss towards any destination network when compared with standard internet access services. Plus, our in-house technology allows Expereo to guarantee against packet loss and latency to ensure that the performance you receive from our Fixed Internet service is never far from what you’ve come to expect from your MPLS network.

And, finally, Expereo Managed Services means you never need to worry about your network performance again. Our Service Assurance means that an Expereo team monitors your network and regularly schedules reports on service delivery, up-time, capacity planning, and performance.

Get optimized SD-WAN delivered direct to your branch

Our team of experts will design, deploy and manage your SD-WAN. Thousands of customers trusted us over decades.

SD-WAN Standard

Standard SD-WAN deployment might face un-optimal performance due to internet congestions.


SD-WAN combined with Enhanced Internet improves overall connectivity performance.

SD-WAN Faster

SD-WAN combined with Enhanced Internet on both locations for MPLS-like performance.

Customer benefits

Fully managed SD-WAN

Global support

Global support

Our Expereo Fixed Internet experts help customers choose the best underlay for their SD-WAN network. As a global internet service provider, we can design, source, implement and support broadband or dedicated internet access whenever you need it, wherever you are based.

Intelligent routing

Intelligent routing

With Expereo, a customer’s SD-WAN network runs on the most optimal path for the best performance at the right price. With our intelligent routing technology, our Enhanced Internet solution analyses different paths from the Expereo Enhanced IP Cores and automatically chooses the fastest path.

A truly managed service

A truly managed service

With some SD-WAN solutions, businesses are left in the dark regarding the performance of their network infrastructure. With Expereo, however, customers are regularly updated about their network performance and receive recommendations from a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

SD-WAN Performance Optimization

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