Network Business Continuity.

A robust business continuity plan allows organizations to maintain their essential functions – the kind employees and customers rely on.

With Expereo’s Network Business Continuity solution, you can rest assured that connection failures and any other issues won’t be allowed to disrupt your critical processes, with any service degradation fixed in a timely manner.


The cause of disruption is not always easy to identify

Poor visibility

Many customers find that not all network traffic is visible with their current solution, as it requires investment in hardware and/or software to track. Additionally, they may need to allocate an IT team to keep manage traffic and take action.

High risk of failure

When an enterprise picks its own ISP, there’s no way to ensure it has good connectivity. Without provider-neutral support, it is difficult to assess the competition and find a local ISP with the best connectivity at the best price.

Lacking diversity

Customers need to build diversity for their sites in case their fixed internet breaks down. Even with two different ISPs, it can be complicated for enterprises to ensure a good level of diversity for each of their sites. They need local knowledge and resources to check.

Say goodbye to network disruption

With Expereo’s Network Business Continuity solution, you can rest assured that connection failures won’t be allowed to disrupt your critical processes.

Without Expereo

Deploying Internet Access without considering its diversity might result in multiple risks to your network.

With Expereo – Last Mile Local Loop Diversity (level 1)

With Expereo, we ensure that your site could be connected to 2 different local loops and multiple entries into the building. Our expert team studies each site to define what’s best for you.

With Expereo – Technology Diversity (level 2)

With Expereo, our expert team proposes various internet access options to build your technology diversity based on the specificity of each of your site.

Our solution

Be ready for whatever might happen

Network issues can occur at a variety of different levels. Failure points stemming from your physical network hardware or the infrastructure operated by your local ISP can prove hugely disruptive. At the same time, Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) at one of your sites could experience an issue or internet traffic congestion could cause significant downtime.

Expereo’s Network Business Continuity solution guards against this kind of disruption by offering several essential services. With Fixed Internet, we build true network diversity by combining carrier diversity, technology diversity, and local loop diversity. Our Mobile Internet offering also provides network redundancy that works perfectly as an internet failover option in the event of disruption to primary services. And we always have equipment maintenance on hand to replace faulty devices by the next business day. We have local installer partners to act as IT support for this replacement service.

Our other services will similarly help you keep core processes running. Expereo SD-WAN allows you to use both underlays in either an active-active configuration or retain one for failover. Expereo’s Enhanced Internet helps you avoid internet congestion by optimizing your network traffic, and finally, Expereo’s Managed Services monitors your network 24/7 and provides automated fault management.

Customer benefits

Keep your business running

Prioritize your applications

Prioritize your applications

Although it’s important to minimize downtime across all our customer’s processes, critical applications need higher levels of availability. With Expereo Smart Edge, network administrators can gain better traffic visibility and easier configuration management to ensure certain applications are always available.

Full path diversity

Full path diversity

With Expereo, customers can build their network on the most diverse network possible by combining different ISPs, last-mile options, and local loop technologies. Our complete end-to-end diversity offering means that network resilience is guaranteed.

Acceleration as standard

Acceleration as standard

Expereo has developed an in-house software-defined solution to optimize BGP routing performance by overriding standard BGP decisions. Our Enhanced Internet service gives customers assurance that traffic from their network edge will reach the public cloud via the most optimal path – delivering the best performance at the best possible price.

Mobile broadband backup

Mobile broadband backup

Our mobile internet service helps customers build diversity for their sites, providing them with a backup internet failover solution. When your primary line breaks down, our LTE internet failover means you can stay connected to your assets at all times.

Managed services

Managed services

With Expereo’s Network Business Continuity solution, your network is monitored 24/7 with event-driven automation instantly flagging up any potential disruption before your employees and customers are affected. With our support, you can enjoy business continuity, without the administrative burden.

Network Business Continuity

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