MPLS to SD WAN Migration.

Despite being expensive, time consuming to deploy, and lacking in cloud optimization, many organizations remain hesitant about migrating from their MPLS network.

However, we support you on every step of your MPLS migration journey. With our solution, you can adopt SD-WAN technology and benefit from the flexibility, visibility, and cloud optimization that modern enterprises need – with peace-of-mind guaranteed.


Migrate to a new network that better suits your needs.


A large MPLS-based network brings additional complexity. It can become difficult for organizations with distributed branches to scale up due to deployment time, limited coverage, and the inflexible nature of an MPLS-based network.

Cloud access

Modern networks increasingly require high levels of agility to steer traffic to a variety of cloud-based and SaaS sites that reside outside traditional VPN solutions. Faster deployment capabilities that can deliver this agility and optimize traffic steering are commonly demanded.


Enterprises spend about 10% of their IT budget on their networks, which require large investments in routers, switches, and firewalls, as well as high ongoing costs for leasing expensive MPLS connections and bandwidth.

The days of dealing with MPLS pain points will become a thing of the past.

Our team of experts will design, deploy and manage your SD-WAN. Thousands of customers trusted us over decades.

Phase 1.1

Traditional network with MPLS, moving to Cloud Applications

Hub & Spoke design where the HQ is connected to all branches over a private network.

Phase 1.2

Un-efficient network when accessing Cloud Applications

In a traditional network, traffic moves from the branches to the HQ before breaking out to the Internet to reach the SaaS Application.

Phase 2

Hybrid network combining MPLS with Internet Access

Branches could access SaaS applications without having traffic to transit to HQ. It allows a better user experience from the branches while reducing the need for MPLS.

Phase 3

Internet-centric Network for the most flexible and scalable network

Branches could access SaaS applications without having traffic to transit to HQ. HQ and branches are connected securely over IP, without the need for MPLS.

Our solution

The support you need on every step of your MPLS migration journey.

Getting internet access may be easy but finding a provider that can deliver optimal performance, enable internet peering and provide network diversity may not be. When businesses consider that this needs to be performed across multiple sites and various countries, complexity quickly grows.

With our strong foundations in the SD-WAN space, however, expensive MPLS connections can be replaced or augmented by inexpensive internet links while preserving quality and bandwidth.

We offer you a consultation service to review your entire network, understand their business needs, and suggest the best technologies. Expereo will help you pick the right internet provider and the right license for your needs.

Customer benefits

Fully managed SD-WAN

Worldwide resources

Worldwide resources

As part of Expereo Global Internet, we provide businesses with Fixed Internet across almost all countries and manage network logistics globally. Our local expertise, working with over 3,000 partners, means our solutions are tailored to each branch.

Flexibility and visibility

Flexibility and visibility

Our SD-WAN service can run on any type of underlay and delivers unparalleled visibility due to real-time site traffic control and comprehensive application reporting.

Consultation service

Consultation service

Included in the Expereo SD-WAN service, experts will review your network, understand your needs and advise you on the best technology for your business.

The personal touch

The personal touch

A dedicated Project Manager will accompany you during your entire migration journey to ensure that everything remains on track, from hardware logistics to on-site technical test and turn-up, service configuration, and setup.

Managed services

Managed services

When the migration is complete, Expereo will continue to maintain and manage it for you. You can focus on your core business objectives and we’ll monitor your network so you don’t have to.

Expereo Enhanced Internet

Expereo Enhanced Internet

By adding Expereo’s Enhanced Internet, we optimize the performance of your SD-WAN solution, dynamically routing the best path for your internet traffic.

MPLS to SD-WAN Migration

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