SD-WAN Gateways.

A hosted solution for regional traffic aggregation and cloud on-ramp. Our SD-WAN gateways allow your global network to enhance its SD-WAN performance between data centres and hub sites both intra-regional and globally, without sacrificing in-country performance. By combining your existing SD-WAN with Expereo SD-WAN Gateways, your end-users will enjoy an optimized and guaranteed application experience.


Boost your SD-WAN performance

Our hosted SD-WAN gateways aggregate traffic from a specific region before it is transferred to another region further away, through our Global IP Core. We enable the highest performing route, while local traffic remains local for the best efficiency. With SD-WAN Gateways, your applications run seamlessly across the globe.

Increase Scalability

In a world with ever more bandwidth demanding applications, enterprises seek for predictable, and scalable infrastructure. Expand your SD-WAN Network with SD-WAN Gateways without worrying about altering your application user experience caused by the increase of traffic volumes. Our SD-WAN gateways allows you to combine multiple SD-WAN networks regardless of geographical locations or underlying access service providers. Be scalable from the start.

Save Cost

Embedding our SD-WAN Gateways within your enterprise WAN gives a boost to the overall performance and it brings down your operational cost. Through the simplification of your infrastructure, we deliver cost savings by allowing you to deploy more affordable hardware at the branches to manage network tunnels. There’s also no need to invest in expensive hardware and licenses. With our hosted SD-WAN gateways, you only pay for what you need.

SD-WAN Optimization: Scalable from the start

With Expereo’s Hosted SD-WAN Gateways, we combine a scalable network infrastructure with an enhanced WAN performance.


Best for DC to DC

Our global network is optimized through proprietary SDN technology. It solves the global internet connectivity problem through a fully meshed, software defined solution with a global reach between your data centres, hub-sites and cloud on-ramps.


Best for SaaS Reach

Enhanced Internet provides the highest performing route for SaaS applications and online content. It delivers the best performance and predictable outcomes for all SaaS applications by improving latency and packet loss across the WAN.


Best for IaaS Access

Cloud Connect provides direct interconnect to cloud service providers and IaaS platforms. It lets you bring your enterprise network virtually closer to all major cloud providers.


Managed service with 24/7 Support

A managed network means a manageable business. Expereo’s Managed Network Service keeps its eyes and ears on your network traffic from the cloud, 24/7/365. People, devices, applications, data: Every interaction, authentication, and transaction is checked and okayed, bringing all the benefits of the most secure walled-garden network to your global organization.

Expereo Hosted SD-WAN Gateways

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